How to maintain the durability of your hardwood floors to prolong its lifespan

Here are some questions homeowners have asked desperate to find answers to their hardwood flooring maintenance problems
Question: Is vinegar and water a fine hardwood floor cleaner?
Answer: Vinegar is used to be one good recommendation the manufacturers would advise as cleaning agent for lumber floors in fact, there are still who use vinegar as their cleaning agent provided they are using plain vinegar. All other vinegars might leave gummy or sticky residue on the floor. But know this; too much use of vinegar could damage the finish because it is acidic. Today, however, hardwood
manufacturers will recommend cleaners which are formulated specifically for whatever kind of finish your floor has.

how to maintain hardwood flooring

how to maintain hardwood flooring

Question: I have seen an advertisement on TV showing that steam cleaners can do magic in cleaning for floors, is it true?
Answer: Both timber flooring and finish manufacturers don’t recommend steam cleaners for cleaning timber floors because there are side effects when repeated cleaning using steam cleaners is done. The finish will peel, whiten or become cloudy. We know that water is the number one wood enemy, so it is better to assume that steam cleaning is a worse cleaning agent for wood floors. Remember the phrase “wood and water don’t mix”?
Question: What finish will I use when I don’t have any idea about what kind of finish my floor has?
Answer: Either factory finished or on-site finish, what is commonly used finish today is the urethane-base wood finish. A cleaner recommended by any lumber floor manufacturer or wood finish manufacture is just fine. Or you can stop at your local retail store and ask if they can recommend or sell hardwood floor finish cleaners. Be careful though, not all are truly recommended by all wood finish manufacturers. The truth is some may even make your floor’s warranty void.
Question: I have bought a product that says it’s a wood polisher and conditioner and I have used it. What happened was I have noticed later on
that my floor has a sticky film build up that even my footprints marked on the floor. How can I get this sticky film off my floor?
Answer: It is sad to say that there are products that didn’t really fit for what was written on their label. Discovering this mistake, homeowners are bewildered to find out what a mess they have done to their floors. These so–called cleaners leave a sticky film on the floor which is very difficult to remove. There are also others that can cause problems of contamination. Call or ask your timber floor manufacturer for the kind of cleaners they might recommend or tell them your problem. Another option is, call an expert of timber flooring. He may have some solution for your
problem or, you can sand your floor for good.

Question: Is vacuuming good for floors?
As dirt, grit and particles will be accumulated, they act like sandpaper or abrasive to the floor’s finish. Vacuuming your floor often will lengthen your floor’s finish life span.

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